‘Michel Haylen is an image maker with experience grounded in science and sculpture.Qualified and experienced in Earth Science Geology, Environmental Science, Philosophy of Science and aesthetic practice together with Fine Arts and Sculpture, Michael Haylen took the long way round to a career in photography. This diversity of interests and knowledge, combine easily to nourish his approach to photographic art.’                  …   from Australian Photography 2012

Michael Haylen –
Founding member Nebuli Arts and Photographic Artist Arthere

The Lightsculpt series celebrates form and invites a sense of journey. Michael is an image maker with local rivers stirring his sense of place. I create illusions of figure and form from the still surface of rivers, evoking amorphous, lyrical and visceral responses.
Often shooting from cliffs with a zoom lens into the mirror like radiance of the sun’s reflected beam of white light, I capture silver-blue halos of sky and cloud radiating off the water. Forms are created from gradations of light and shade like carving into the block of a single image.

“It’s more about the way the eye reads an everyday subject when it is blown-up and depicted large resulting in multiple interpretations of what the viewer might think they see. Exploring three dimensional and reflected form as energy lines work into the darks and lights. You get the sense that it’s not really the object that matters in the end – it’s the revelation of the object.”

I have been selected as part of a Special Edition representing Australian Photographers,
in Silvershotz international magazine. It’s now an online magazine – but you can view the images and portfolio text as guest, by clicking on the free trial’ on the link below.

2016 SILVERSHOTZ – Special Edition –
Australian Contemporary Photographers Portfolios –
Michael Haylen: Lightsculpt – Vol 11 Ed 1 Oct 2016

Silvershotz is a contemporary photography portfolio magazine,
showcasing the best photographic images from around the world.
Curatorial selection is made by experienced editors to ensure international standards are achieved.

Immerse yourself in beautiful images and be inspired by themed and conceptual portfolios,
plus in-depth interviews, book reviews and videos.
Silvershotz has quickly become the world’s market leader,
in making the transition from a printed magazine to an online,
interactive, dynamic magazine experience for those passionate about photography.
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The Printed Product:

Limited Editions
1 to 2 metre Archival Prints

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I have enjoyed various careers in the sciences while engaging in the Fine Arts and now transferring sculptural techniques to my images.

Recent exhibitions and awards include:

2017 Contact Sheet Gallery, St. Leonards – group exhibition – “A Secret”
2016 Concourse Artspace Chatswood August solo – “PRETTY BIG PICTURES” – Exploring Form and Scale
2016 Depot Gallery 2 Danks Street Sydney – “COTERIE” Head On group show
2014 Australian Photography Compendium 4 ‘EDITIONS’ Exhibition
2013 Head On Photo Festival Gallery Lane Cove – ‘Figure and Form’ Nebuli Arts
2013 Incinerator Art Space Willoughby – ‘Passus’ Nebuli Arts
2012 Exhibiting artist with Sandy Edwards Arthere Projects
2012 Syndicate at 2 Danks Street Sydney – ‘Water Magicians’
2011 & 2012 Head On Photo Festival – Charing Cross Photo – solo
2012 Head On Photo Festival – Incinerator Art Space ‘Dark Room to Light Room’
2010 Meyer Gallery Sydney –‘Energy of Form’ solo
2011 Gold Medal Portrait FIAP Sydney International Exhibition of Photography
2009 Highly Commended – Mural of Survivorship National Awards
2008 1st Place – Hunter Valley Botanic Prize

Reviewed and Reproduced in:

2016 SILVERSHOTZ – Special Edition – Australian Contemporary Photographers Portfolios – Michael Haylen: Lightsculpt – Vol 11 Ed 1 Oct 2016
2014 Australian Photography Compendium 4
2012 Silvershotz International Journal of Contemporary Photography – Selected Artist Folio Annual
2011 Australian Photography and Gallery Compendium
2012 Australian Photography
2011 Silvershotz International Journal of Contemporary Photography Vol 7 Ed 6
2012 & 2010 Photo Review Magazine
2010 to 2013 The Sydney Morning Herald, North Shore Times, The Weekly Times
2010 & 2011 Editors Pick – Featured Artist – ABC Arts
2010 The Drum

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